ONYX Rip오닉스 [Win 10]‌
전세계적으로 가장 많이 보급되고 더욱 업그레이드된 ONYX 립 소프트웨어

Caldera Rip칼데라 [유닉스 OS]
‌MAC, Linux 환경에서 매년 립부분 최고의 기술상을 휩슬고 있는 소프트웨어


64-bit Platform: Speed Plus Performance
The power of a next-generation, all 64-bit platform
• Optimized color calculations for increased RIP and data transfer processing speeds.
• Increased productivity directly improves the bottom line by processing more files in    less time with record benchmark RIP speeds.
• Save hours on large file data transfer speeds to enable more print jobs per day.
• Maximize your hardware investment with a fully integrated 64-bit platform to setup    jobs, move files and open applications quickly.
• Boost overall performance with the latest 64-bit Adobe® PDF Print Engine and         JAWS RIP updates.


‌There are a number of new features, including MultiLayer, which allows users to print multiple layers with different images for each layer. This could be useful, for example, with backlit displays where different versions of the same image could be shown depending on whether it’s daytime or night time.
Another new feature is ContourNesting 180º, which is aimed mainly at users in the fabric, textile, traffic signs and packaging sectors. Here, the printing follows the fibre direction, which could save on media usage.
Caldera has also added HelpLinks, which allows users to add direct contextual links to CalderaDesk overview pages from within Caldera RIP modules. 

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